Thought Leaders & Speakers

The MIND Research Institute team includes dynamic speakers and thought leaders who educate and inspire audiences across the country.

Dr. Matthew Peterson

Cofounder/Chief Technology Officer

  • Neuroscience behind math learning
  • Visual-spatial math
  • Math for ELL students
Calli Wright

Education Engagement Manager

  • Board games in education
  • Education community building
  • Social media & brand building
Nigel Nisbet

Vice President, Content Creation

  • Middle and high school math
  • Math teaching & learning
  • Blended classrooms
Andrew Coulson

Chief Data Science Officer

  • Measuring edtech effectiveness
  • Data and evaluation
  • Managing edtech usage
Brandon Smith

Lead Mathematician and Product Director

  • Experiential learning
  • Deep conceptual understanding
  • Neural foundations of learning
Nina Wu

Content Development Manager

  • Creativity in math
  • Math and movement (dance)
  • Teaching the whole child
Dan Tracy

Curriculum Specialist

  • Edtech to drive productive struggle
  • Neuroscience of deeper learning
  • Math without words
Ki Karou

Director of Product, ST Math Content

  • Game-based learning
  • Neuroscience of learning
  • Technology for deeper learning
Twana Young

Vice President, Curriculum and Instruction

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion in education
  • Equity in early STEM education
  • Instructional coaching
Brian Coffey

Senior Academic Director

  • Synthesizing data for school achievement
  • Data-driven instruction
  • STEM innovation in schools
Erich Zeller

Instructional Consulting Manager

  • Student engagement
  • Math teacher professional development
  • Teaching fractions through problem solving

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