One MIND, One Mission

Together, we’re empowering young minds to become the powerful problem solvers that the world needs. These stories showcase our partnerships at work.

Last winter, we visited faculty and students at Union Hill School in Worcester, Massachusetts to talk about the impact ST Math has had in creating a culture of perseverance and problem solving.
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In addition to continued support of ST Math within its VILS (Verizon Innovative Learning Schools) program, Verizon donated $10 million to nonprofit organizations serving students, families, and communities as part of its COVID-19 response. 

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Phillips 66 knows that today’s youth are the future leaders of the energy industry. That’s why they invest in fueling students’ interests in mathematics and other STEM subjects. 

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Since 2014, John Deere has continuously invested in ST Math as a part of its STEM education portfolio. Last fall, MIND was invited to highlight a panel of educators and 4th grade students at its annual John Deere Inspire event at their headquarters in Moline, IL.

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Rockwell Automation’s innovation shined this year as they found ways to continue engaging students while they learned from home. Jay Flores contributed to MIND’s “Developing our MathMINDs” series, and developed his own series as well!

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Cisco has been a supporter of MIND Research Institute and ST Math for over fifteen years. During COVID-19, Cisco provided additional support to MIND to improve accessibility for our homeschool program, making it possible for nearly 33,000 families to gain access to ST Math. 

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Overdeck Family Foundation was an incredible supporter of students and families as schools across the country shifted to remote learning. 

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NewSchools Venture Fund’s mission is to reimagine public education through powerful ideas, passionate educators and visionary innovators...

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In addition to increasing support for MIND in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, Pitney Bowes and the Pitney Bowes Foundation provided funding support to the United Way...

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Cisco is harnessing the power of technology to accelerate global problem solving and create better opportunities for all. They have partnered with MIND for over a decade to champion not only ST Math, but the efforts behind the program as well. Cisco provides tools and equipment, as well as communications and networking support to MIND’s staff. Their support ensures that the user experience for students and educators is continually advancing and improving. This year, Cisco furthered their support by adding Senior Director of Corporate Affairs, Mary deWysocki, to MIND’s board of directors.

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