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The Transformative Power of ST Math Is on Display Across 50 States

Our partner schools demonstrate that ST Math engages, motivates and challenges both students and teachers toward higher levels of math achievement.

Social Impact Programs

As part of our ongoing mission, MIND is engaged in targeted initiatives with partners across the country to empower students and improve education.
MathMINDs Games
Our storybook board games invite the entire family to play, think strategically and have fun with math, history and literacy.


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Students are pushed to think critically and creatively to design their own math games in our annual Game-a-thon.
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Thought Leadership
Through blogs, podcasts and speaking events throughout the country, MIND is sharing our work and our research in order to improve math education.
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NewSchools Ignite Early Learning Challenge
MIND is one of 15 companies awarded funding through the NewSchools Ignite Early Learning Challenge. As part of this cohort, MIND will delve into the student gameplay in grades Pre-K-1 of its visual instructional program, ST Math.
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ST Math Massachusetts Program
Mass STEM Hub, supported by One8 Foundation, has partnered with MIND to accelerate the impact of ST Math in Massachusetts schools. Their aim is to provide great, high-quality content to schools by removing the barriers that often prevent adoption.
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Financial Literacy Curriculum

According to PwC, less than half of today’s teens are financially literate. Through a $3.2 million multi-year grant from the PwC Charitable Foundation, MIND is pioneering a groundbreaking collaborative technology for teaching financial literacy and the underlying mathematical concepts.

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