Brandon Smith

Mathematician Brandon Smith's passion is creating meaningful ways for people of all ages to engage with math through games, stories and experiences.


  • Experiential learning
  • Deep conceptual understanding
  • Neural foundations of learning
  • Game-based learning
  • Family engagement in math
  • Personalized learning
  • Student engagement
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Full Bio

Brandon Smith is the Lead Mathematician and Product Director at MIND Research Institute, where he creates experiential learning programs for people of all ages, both in and out of the classroom — including two that are patent-pending. Over the past several years, he has focused on developing innovative projects to close what he calls the math “experience gap,” where children have insufficient exposure to math in their daily lives. These projects include interactive exhibits and games for math fairs, math camps, and family math nights. Early in his career at MIND, he designed mathematical requirements for the game-based ST Math® software, and led the national roll-out of the sixth grade ST Math curriculum. Smith co-authored a paper in Cognitive Science Research Principles & Implications, and has written for the Huffington Post and presented at ISTE. Prior to joining MIND, Smith was a college instructor, where he won an outstanding teacher award, and was an educational liaison for the City of Costa Mesa to Windham, Australia. Smith has a bachelor’s in math and two master’s degrees in pure and applied mathematics. In his spare time, Smith enjoys piloting planes.

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