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This year, we’re taking you on a celebration of growth. With partners like you, we impacted math education in even more schools and communities across the country. Together, we’re equipping young minds to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Thank you for growing with us!

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D.
CEO and Co-founder, MIND Research Institute



Our ST Math® visual, game-based learning program is transforming math education across the country.

ST Math School Grants totaled
With support from partners like you, we reached a major milestone this year

ST Math Students and






States and the
District of Columbia

Meet Ciera
5th Grader

“When I get one wrong, it doesn’t make me mad, but it makes me feel like I should try more.”

Success Stories

All across the country, schools continue to experience growth and persevere in problem solving using ST Math.

Phoenix, AZ
Osborn School District

Students celebrate learning with ST Math district-wide!

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Santa Ana, CA
Madison Elementary School

"ST Math has helped us foster a love of mathematics and a love of learning."

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San Diego, CA
Grapevine Elementary School

"Very few programs teach perseverance in math as well as ST Math."

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Washington, D.C.
DC Public Schools

Math success for students with language barriers

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Pinellas, FL
Pinellas County Schools

72% of students satisfactory or better

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Chicago, IL
Cesar E. Chavez Elementary

97th percentile in Math Attainment

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Bellevue, Iowa
Bellevue Elementary School

Math proficiency grew from 2013-2015, where similar schools not using ST Math dropped in proficiency.

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Columbia, MO
Columbia Public Schools

Outperformed rest of the state in math achievement

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Killeen, TX
Killeen Independent School District

13.5% growth in percent of students satisfactory or advanced

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Albemarle, VA
Albemarle County Public Schools

19.5% growth in percent of students passing or advanced

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Growth Happens When Students Believe in Themselves

JiJi Believer Music Video Challenge

Students celebrate their rigorous learning with ST Math.
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National K-12 Game-a-thon

Students design and build their own math game.
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Our free, family-friendly MathMINDs events are spreading curiosity and excitement for math throughout communities.


Reached in
the Community





Math Fair

We shared the beauty, power and fun of mathematics with thousands of children and families in Chicago through our flagship community event, the Math Fair.

“The responses I’ve seen at the Math Fair from the families—they are so engaged! And engagement in educational activity is the most important thing.”

Kassie Davis, Executive Director
CME Group Foundation
Math Fair Partner

of Math Fair volunteers

represented by our partners'

employee engagement programs

Other Community Math Events Sponsored by Our Partners

We took math out of the classroom and into the wilderness.

“We must continue to invest in the workforce pipeline. At the very beginning of that is math understanding.”

Torrence Robinson
Fluor Foundation

Family Math Night

Math games get parents and kids problem solving together.

“Outreach to K-12 students is critical because it introduces students to STEM programs and encourages them to consider a career in the field.”

Prashant Javkar
STEM Strategy and Programs Manager, Ford Motor Company

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PGA Player's Championship

Bring us a corporate or community event and we can mathematize it!

“Engaging students in innovative and game changing ways to embrace math concepts and apply them to real life is vital to their future achievement and ultimately success.”

Shannon Schuyler
President, PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.

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We’re forging powerful partnerships to tackle emerging challenges and develop innovative approaches to math education.

pwc_charitablefoundation_logo.pngThrough a $3.2 million multi-year grant from the PwC Charitable Foundation, MIND has pioneered a groundbreaking collaborative technology for teaching financial literacy and the underlying mathematical concepts. According to PwC, less than half of today’s teens are financially literate. Together, we are helping to equip all students with the financial skills to succeed in life. 


Through MIND’s educational programs, Ford Motor Company is creating positive experiences in and outside of the classroom for hundreds of youth and families in Detroit-area school communities. Ford employee volunteers showed up in force for the Family Math Night educational programming.


To help close the achievement gap for at-risk students, build strong communities and enhance the future workforce, the Pitney Bowes Foundation is partnering with MIND to provide transformative mathematical experiences to hundreds of students in the Indianapolis region.


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