Scientific Discovery

Basic scientific research is performed by the Science Division of MIND which focuses on fundamental and applied research in neuroscience, mathematics and education. Research areas in neuroscience include cognitive and computational neuroscience, with active research on working memory and neuropathologies. Research in mathematics follows two main directions of focus : mathematical modeling of brain networks and mathematical biology, and the development and validation of novel mathematical tools used for information processing and analysis. Educational research focuses on understanding the brain mechanisms engaged in learning—particularly mathematics concepts in the neurophysiological and modeling research, the analysis and data mining of ST Math program use data and the development of models of assessment tools.

Research collaborations have been established between the MIND Research Institute and collaborating researchers from more than 13 universities, including University of Pittsburgh, Johns Hopkins University, Medical University of South Carolina, East China Normal University, University of Montreal, University of Victoria, UCLA and University of California, Irvine.


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