Math Fair Video

Thank you for your interest in the Math Fair!

On November 5, 2016, nearly 5,000 visitors joined MIND Research Institute and our partners at the OC Fair & Event Center for our 3rd annual Math Fair. Thank you to all of those who attended and made the event a success!
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Math Fair floor, kids navigating big blocks as machinery.

What is the Math Fair?

The Math Fair is a free, family-fun event that excites young minds as they interact with mathematically challenging activities, games and performances. Math is inherently exciting as it helps us make sense of the world around us. The Math Fair is designed to showcase the beauty of math and make it accessible to children and families.

Math Fair floor, kid investigating an electrical box.

What is there to do?

Math Fair visitors experience math as they never have before. Visitors may find themselves inside a life-size version of an educational video game, or transported to ancient Africa by playing the first known math games. The Math Fair is for everyone, regardless of age, to enjoy. And families build not just memories but an excitement for problem solving.

Math Fair floor, kids problem solving with objects on a table.

Why a Math Fair?

Innovation drives progress and our economy, and math and problem solving are at the core of innovation. The creators of the Math Fair, the social benefit nonprofit MIND Research Institute, believe that every child has the ability to succeed in math and contribute to our innovation-driven, global workplace. By making math accessible and exciting, the Math Fair shows visitors that we are all “math people.”

The Math Fair is central to MIND Research Institute’s MathMINDs Initiative, which is a movement to shift the cultural perception of math from being scary and frustrating to exciting and essential. MathMINDs engages the community and students in hands-on mathematical experiences outside of the classroom. Learn more about MathMINDs.