Taking Math Beyond the Classroom

Mathematics, problem solving and critical-thinking skills are at the core of innovation. Not only does the 21st century workforce require math skills for success, but we use math in everyday life. To drive progress both as individuals and as a society, we need to take math beyond the classroom.

MIND Research Institute’s MathMINDs Initiative is designed to create a community around math appreciation. There is a beauty inherent in having the thinking and perseverance to solve a difficult puzzle, or create a solution to a long-time issue. We want to share this beauty, and believe this sharing extends not just to the classroom, but to everywhere math lives.

The MathMINDs Initiative brings math to life through family-friendly events, applied learning opportunities, student-centered activities and community engagement events.

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Family-Friendly Events

Family-friendly events are designed to bring together children and their families to get hands-on with math. Math Fairs excite all minds with life-sized interactive math games to math-themed performances. Family Math Nights provide a space for parents to interact with their children using various math activities that they can take home to continue the learning.

Learn more about the Math Fair.
Learn more about Family Math Nights.

Applied Learning Opportunities

Inquiry-based learning is a powerful way for students to apply their skills and creativity. The JiJi Believer Video Challenge invites students to submit their own video using JiJi-themed songs performed by MIND Research’s own JiJi Band. The K-12 Game-a-thon challenges student teams to design, build and share games that will feature unusual solutions to mathematical problems.

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* Entrants must have current school licenses for ST Math.

Learn more about the Game-a-thon.

For more information about MathMINDs, contact us at mathminds@mindresearch.org.