student-engagement-ebook-01Ebook: Rethinking Student Engagement
Learn how to move your students beyond superficial engagement to being dynamically active in their learning.

When it comes to student engagement, the focus very often gets put on bringing students to a concept. But when the method used to engage students is only superficial, interest can fade quickly, and the deeper learning never happens.

We must change our thinking about student engagement. We want students not just engaged to the concept — we want to motivate them through the learning, while challenging them at a deep level.

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Why so many engagement efforts fail 
  • How we can change our thinking to break the wash, rinse and repeat cycle
  • Why engagement itself isn't the goal we should be seeking
  • How to get students to be dynamically active in their learning
  • How to evaluate lessons and curriculum through the dynamically active lens

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