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Explore a selection of ST Math games and experience the unique and transformative power of learning math without words.



        • Conceptual learning: ST Math starts by teaching foundational concepts visually, then connects those ideas to the symbols and language. With visual learning, students are better equipped to tackle unfamiliar math problems, recognize patterns, and build conceptual understanding.
        • Impact at scale: The benefits of ST Math apply to every level of student: struggling students move to proficient, while proficient students become advanced. ST Math leads the industry in providing educators results with authenticity, transparency and clarity. 
        • Personalized learning: Over 200 visual games create a unique pathway of interconnected content challenges, providing differentiated instruction for individual students -- regardless of skill level or language background. 
        • Student engagement: The experience of solving tantalizing tricky math puzzles builds a conditional response that helps students take on the next problem with energy and enthusiasm.
        • Creative and rigorous problem solving: A standards-aligned program moves students away from digitized math drills and puts them in the mindset to think creatively. Challenging games helps kids explore non-routine problems and build number sense, instead of memorizing disconnected facts.