Matthew Peterson

Neuroscientist and innovator Matthew Peterson forces audiences to reconsider everything they thought they knew about math education.


  • Neuroscience behind math learning
  • Visual-spatial math
  • Math for ELL students
  • Math and dyslexia
  • Game-based learning
  • Working memory
  • Growth mindsets
  • Productive struggle
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"One of the most dynamic presentations - he showed us how to do math right. Why didn’t we think of this before?"

District Administration Leadership Institute
September 15, 2011

"Hats off to @MIND_Research for the first truly engaging keynote of the day! ‘If you fix math, you fix all of edu."

US News STEM Solutions Conference
April 24, 2014

"Fantastic at engaging the audience in an interactive way. LOVED the hands-on portions."

Neuroscience Symposium
February, 2013

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Matthew has spoken and written extensively on subjects about which he is passionate, including his own struggle with with a learning disability.

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Full Bio

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D. is the Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer at MIND Research Institute, an education and neuroscience social benefit organization. At the forefront of visual-spatial math learning, Peterson is a thought leader in applying neuroscience and motivational research to the development of visual game-based learning environments. He is an expert in the neural basis of processing information and the acquisition of mathematical reasoning abilities.

With renowned scientists Dr. Mark Bodner and the late Dr. Gordon Shaw, Dr. Matthew Peterson founded MIND in 1998 to apply academic research on the brain to educational programs for elementary school students. The three co-founders shared a vision to teach all children, regardless of socioeconomic background, how to think, reason and solve problems mathematically. Peterson is a pioneer in this cutting-edge field. His focus is on developing math learning environments that initially convey sophisticated concepts visually, rather than verbally, enabling students to gain a conceptual understanding of mathematics regardless of language proficiency.

Peterson, who as a child struggled with traditional language-based instruction due to dyslexia, created the ST (Spatial-Temporal) Math® software program to teach math to students utilizing his unique non-language-based visual approach. The revolutionary ST Math software has proven to raise students’ math scores on standardized tests and currently reaches nearly 1.3 million students and 55,000 teachers at 5,000 schools in 48 states.

Peterson has spoken at major conferences including, US News STEM Solutions, SXSWedu and TEDxOrangeCoast and has had research published in the Journal of Neurophysiology and the Journal of Neuroscience, among others.

Peterson earned his doctorate in neuroscience from UC Berkeley, and undergraduate degrees in biology, electrical engineering and Chinese language and literature from UC Irvine.

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