Charles Bowman

As a Curriculum and Equity Manager, Charles focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion to support deeper learning experience for students.

Speaking Topics

  • Equitable Access to Math
  • Leveraging Equity
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Charles’ love for math started very young. He was introduced to Algebra in the 6th grade, and from there it’s been a long-lasting love affair. This love affair continued through college, and he earned a BA in Business Management with an emphasis in accounting from Hiram College. Through a series of events, fast-forwarding 13 years, he found himself back in school seeking a MS in Secondary Education from the University of Akron. After graduation, he began his teaching career at Theodore Roosevelt High School and Kent State University. That was where he honed in on his teaching skills. It was also where his second love affair was sparked: Advocacy. He was compelled to advocate for marginalized students in his district as a whole and those students that spent hours in his classroom learning math. Leaning upon his own personal experiences, he has been able to look through a different lens of the marginalized and offer support. Honoring what he encountered as he looked through that lens, he decided to earn his doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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