Compound Quest
A Middle School Financial Literacy Program That's Out Of This World



PwC Charitable Foundation provided a $3.2 million multi-year grant to support MIND in pioneering and pilot testing this groundbreaking collaborative technology for teaching financial literacy and the underlying mathematical concepts. According to PwC, less than half of today’s teens are financially literate. Together, we are helping to equip all students with the financial skills to succeed in life. 


MIND Research Institute works with visionary collaborators like PwC Charitable Foundation to change the way math is taught in the United States and to ensure that every child is mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. MIND's flagship program, the ST Math® K-12 supplemental visual learning program, has reached 3,100 schools across the country.

Highlights from Compound Quest


Video Adventures

Animated videos present financial math problems visually. Here Mo and Zee, our coffee-loving aliens, teach us about the advantages of investing early.
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