For an Equitable and Sustainable Future

What are your organization’s impact goals for the next 5-10 years? Addressing challenges of equity, sustainability, workforce development, and innovation requires a dedication to both short and long-term solutions. 

How we educate today’s students will determine whether or not they are equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems.


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Math is the key.



Early math skills are the number one predictor
of later academic success.


Having a deep conceptual understanding of math creates the problem-solving foundation that all areas of STEM are built on.

Math education must go beyond memorizing formulas and passing tests, to truly and deeply understanding mathematical concepts, so students can use math as a tool to address the complex problems facing our world.


Let's Talk About Math

From Ideas to Innovation to Impact


MIND was founded in 1998 by three University of California researchers united behind a simple yet innovative idea: let's teach math the way children learn—visually and experientially.

ST Math began with a vision from one man who struggled with dyslexia and knew there had to be a better way to learn math.

MathMINDs started with the understanding that math is from everywhere, in everything and for everyone.

Today, with support from our partners, we're impacting:


jiji-students-hats-classroomTogether, we will ensure that students have the confidence needed to seek out real-world challenges and the skills and resilience to contribute to their solutions.



What problem do you want to solve?

Let’s explore how math education can help achieve your impact and sustainability goals.

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