ST Math Homeschool Support for Parents

Facilitating Learning

Students playing ST Math games show intrinsic motivation to solve problems independently. To cultivate confident and self-motivated learners, we guide parents in facilitating this problem-solving process. This means parents don’t need to know all the answers or be mathematical experts at all levels.

Productive Struggle

What if students get stuck? ST Math training materials provide a 3-step questioning process to facilitate learning, allowing students to persevere and solve challenging problems on their own. When students engage in productive struggle, make sense of problems and solve them on their own, they become independent problem solvers. They get excited about math and gain confidence to face more challenges!

Making Connections

ST Math supports your curricular needs by providing rigorous content to supplement your student’s math education. Use ST Math to introduce new concepts in their math curriculum or to reinforce understanding and mastery of previous learning.

Instructional Time

Students work toward mastery of mathematical knowledge and problem-solving skills by using ST Math games for the recommended 90 minutes per week, in 30-45-minute sessions. But we know that not all learning happens in front of a computer and students can extend their understanding of concepts through using manipulatives, project-based learning and exploring different settings.

Extending Learning

Math is all around us! There’s mathematical thinking in gardening, cooking, art and many other activities. For inspiration, check out MathMINDs events that bring math to life in homes, schools and communities. Join the ST Math community on social media to share your ideas for extending math learning. #STMathhome

Training for Parents

We’re committed to providing you ongoing training and support to help maximize your student’s success with ST Math.

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Why Parents Choose ST Math

I love it when my daughter breaks through the hurdles. It is such a feeling of accomplishment for her. She has struggled with math for a long time. The fact that she works through the visual aspects and gets the concepts is awesome!
- Jean

ST Math offers me a framework for our math lessons. My son and I will start a new concept sitting side by side. Then I'll encourage him to try the next few levels on his own and "teach" me what he learned. It takes the pressure off me and lets me focus on facilitating more in-depth learning. And it's fun!!
- Karrie