ST Math Homeschool Features and Benefits

Visualizing the Math

ST Math instructional software takes a radically different approach to math education. The unique visual-first learning process gives all students access to a deep conceptual understanding of math.
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Active Learning

Rooted in neuroscience, ST Math games simulate the mind’s optimal learning pattern. And it turns out you don’t need words or numbers, at least not at first. Learners of all types can engage in this active problem-solving and meaning-making process—where they reason, persevere and find solutions to difficult challenges.

Deeper Learning

By presenting students with a variety of interactive models for each new topic and then helping them make connections between the topics, ST Math guides students in developing an interconnected web of understanding. With this deeper understanding of math, students have the confidence they need to face increasingly challenging math concepts.

Personalized Learning

Every student deserves the dignity of his or her personal journey toward math mastery. With ST Math, students progress at their own pace and engage with a unique series of animated puzzles. Students use the immediate and informative feedback to adjust their thinking while solving a problem. Parents have access to a simple yet powerful, built-in reporting system to monitor learning and quickly identify students’ specific instructional needs.

A myriad of games and puzzle icons

Over 35,000 puzzles in ST Math

The ST Math Difference

I’m most excited about ST Math in the way it has started turning my boys into problem solvers. Particularly, my oldest, who is ten. He no longer wants my help, preferring to figure out problems independently.
- Truda

My child is more engaged with math now because of JiJi. She sees the concepts more concretely with the visual presentations.
- Stacey

And then there’s JiJi!

This beloved little penguin motivates hundreds of thousands of math students to keep at it.
They will do anything for JiJi.

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