Design Your Game
Are you ready to empower your students to design their own math game?

As the facilitator, you will support students as they design, build and film their game, as well as submit their entry to the challenge.

Get Started:

Form a Team

Build a team of one or more students and ask them to give their team a fun name! Individuals may not be a member of more than one team, and one team may submit only one entry. Make sure the grade levels of all team members fall within one of the below ranges:

• PreK through 2nd grade
• 3rd through 5th grade
• 6th through 8th grade
• 9th through 12th grade

Choose a Math Focus

Make sure your game incorporates one of the below math topics:

• Counting and Cardinality
• Operations and Algebraic Thinking
• Number and Operations in Base Ten
• Measurement and Data
• Numbers and Operations-Fractions
• Geometry
• Ratios and Proportional Relationships
• The Number System
• Expressions and Equations
• Number and Quantity
• Functions
• Statistics and Probability
• Modeling
• Algebra


Choose a Game Type

Choose the format of your game:

• Card Game
• Traditional Board Game
• Computer Game 
• Mobile App
• Outdoor Game
• Other

Complete your Media Release Forms

Download the media release form and get signatures from each participant’s parent or guardian. These are required for students featured in the video.

Download Release Form

Helpful Game Building Tools 
Get started designing with these printable game design resources


This free game design unit uses engineering design principles to help you guide your students through the design process. Download with the Student Guide. 




This part of the game design unit includes all the resources and worksheets for your students. Download with the Teacher Guide.



Quick Start Guide 

Get your students designing right away with these printable game design resources.




Game Design Webinar

Learn more about the Game-a-thon challenge from teachers who are using it in their classrooms. You'll leave this free, pre-recorded webinar with strategies and resources to implement a game design unit in your classroom.


Review Important Information

General Rules

Because a 10 hour game
is too long to judge

Evaluation Criteria

How games will be judged

Prizes and Recognition

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bragging rights!
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