John Phelan

John Phelan is an Executive Vice President of Capital Research and Management Company, the primary operating company of Capital Group. John is a director of Capital Group Companies (the parent organization). He is also a director and a member of the Executive Committee of Capital Research and Management Company, a director and a member of the Management Committee of American Funds Distributors (the marketing and sales entity for the American Funds) and a director of American Funds Service Company (the transfer agent and service entity for the American Funds).

Prior to joining Capital in 1992, John worked at Andersen Consulting in Los Angeles and Chicago for thirteen years. At Andersen, he focused on operational and technology consulting primarily in the financial services industry.

John holds a master’s degree in management from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Notre Dame.

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D.
Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Scientist

Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., is Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Scientist at the MIND Research Institute. Matthew oversees the Engineering Sales, Marketing, Development and Education Services activities for the organization. The creator of ST Math, Matthew leads a team in developing math learning environments that initially convey sophisticated concepts visually, rather than verbally, enabling students to gain a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics regardless of language proficiency.

Matthew, who as a child struggled with traditional language-based instruction due to dyslexia, created MIND’s ST Math® software program to enable students to learn math through his unique non-language-based visual approach. The revolutionary program has proven to raise students’ math scores on standardized tests and currently reaches over a million students.

Matthew has spoken at numerous national and international math and education conferences, before the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, and recently was featured at TEDx Orange Coast. After completing his undergraduate degrees in biology, electrical engineering and Chinese language and literature from UC Irvine, he went on to obtain his Ph.D. in visual neuroscience from UC Berkeley.

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Mark Bodner, Ph.D.
Co-founder and President, Research Division

Mark Bodner, Ph.D., is Co-founder and President of Research at the MIND Research Institute. He is an adjunct professor of mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh and visiting professor at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at the East China Normal University. He formerly held faculty appointments at the Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Neurosurgery, and joint faculty appointments at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, and UC Irvine’s Department of Physics. His research focus is computational neuroscience and mathematical biology. Recent work has focused on understanding the patterns and mechanisms of activity in networks of neurons, and working memory, and how seizures arise in cortical networks in epilepsy and how they may be terminated through specific brain stimulation. Other work focuses on the application of knot theory and group theory in modeling the structure and function of DNA.

Mark has received several national and international awards including the J.J. Sakuri prize; the Ettore Majorana award at the Majorana School of Subnuclear Physics in Erice, Italy; and the Halliday and Resnick Award in physics for solving the liquid crystal structure of particular cholestoral esters linked to cardiovascular disease. He has been a grant recipient from the National Science Foundation for demonstrating the feasibility of elucidating cognitive function in awake behaving primates using optical and infrared imaging methods. Mark received his Ph.D. and master’s degrees in theoretical high-energy and mathematical physics from UCLA and bachelor’s degree in both physics and chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. He received a fellowship from the National Institute of Mental Health for postdoctoral work in neuroscience at UCLA. Mark has over 100 papers and abstracts published in neuroscience, physics and mathematics.

Greg Blevins
Chief Financial Officer

Greg joined the MIND Research Institute in 2005 and as Chief Financial Officer, oversees finance, accounting, human resources and legal activities. Prior to joining MIND, he was the CFO of a technology consulting company that, during his tenure, successfully raised $35M in working capital over three years. Greg also rotated through various financial and planning assignments at a Fortune 100 corporate headquarters. As senior treasury consultant, he focused on domestic and international cash management and financing, with emphasis on project finance, cash resource optimization and control, liquidity and risk management. Greg also spent several years in management consulting and in conducting financial feasibility analyses and strategic and operational planning for clients. Among other companies, he was a consulting manager with Ernst & Young and a subsidiary of Towers Perrin. He holds an MBA from UCLA, a master’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science from UC Berkeley.

Andrew Coulson
Chief Strategist

Prior to becoming the Chief Strategist in 2013, Andrew R. Coulson led the MIND Research Institute’s Education Division for 12 years, helping devise and execute the strategies and programs to increase the division’s reach from 30 schools in Southern California to more than 1,700 in 30 states. Andrew oversees the development of expansion strategies, product-to-market operations and leads a team of data analysts to conduct evaluation of MIND’s activities. Prior to joining MIND, Andrew was a program officer for a major Orange County foundation, specializing in education. He also worked for 17 years in upper management as a STEM professional in high-tech manufacturing engineering, acquiring experience in operations, process engineering, reliability and technology transfer. Andrew earned a Bachelor of Science and master’s degree in physics from UCLA.

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Janine Ingram
Vice President of Philanthropic Partnerships

Janine Ingram joined MIND in 2013 as Vice President of Philanthropic Partnerships, a role in which she creates and leads strategic partnerships with corporations, education institutions, government entities and philanthropists who share the MIND Research Institute's vision. Janine has 24 years of experience in creative and energetic non-profit leadership, specializing in imaginative corporate partnerships and media promotions for such international organizations as the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In the last decade, her success in fundraising through corporate partnerships, private and family foundations, government funding and special events generated more than $50 million in funds, and led to such high-profile benefit projects as a film starring Morgan Freeman and an outstanding partnership with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Janine has a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology from UCI and her Masters degree in Education and Developmental Psychology from the University of Maryland.

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Jim Lund
Vice President of Education Services

Jim Lund joined MIND in 2013 as Vice President of Education Services, where he oversees the nationwide team that implements, trains and supports educators implementing MIND programs. His team ensures student success through best practice adoptions that feature innovative professional development for teachers, principals and district leaders. Jim has more than 25 years of experience managing education technology at companies including Apple, Pearson and GuideK12. At Pearson, Jim managed engineering and state reporting teams, as well as a broad-range of professional development for program users and partners. Jim began his career in education technology as a public school teacher and technology administrator in Minnesota. He earned his Master of Arts in technology for training and development from the University of South Dakota and his bachelor's in music education from Luther College.

Kathy Naylor
Vice President, Human Resources and Talent

Kathy Naylor, Vice President of Human Resources and Talent, is responsible for leading a strategic and integrated HR function that supports MIND Research Institute’s high performing, entrepreneurial team. She is focused on programs that attract exceptional talent; facilitate collaboration, innovation and teamwork; and support continuous learning making MIND an Employer of Choice. Kathy brings 20 years of human resources experience in publicly and privately held companies in leading financial, manufacturing, semiconductor and software industries. Prior to joining MIND, she served as Director of Global Human Resources at iRise and worked for Broadcom Corporation, where she lead a global human resources team supporting more than 2,100 employees and developed a global workforce plan to add 200 employees annually. At Jazz Semiconductor, Kathy set up an office in Shanghai and participated in several successful contract negotiations. She has a Bachelor of Science in human resources from University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.

Nigel Nisbet
Vice President of Content Creation

Nigel Nisbet, Vice President of Content Creation, leads a team of content specialists in building engaging, interactive and completely visual games that teach all students how math really works. Nigel came to MIND Research after working as a Mathematics Specialist for the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he designed and delivered professional development programs and implemented the transition to Response to Intervention (RTI) programming. Prior to joining LAUSD, he taught Mathematics, AP Physics, and AP Computer Science at Van Nuys Senior High, where he was a pioneer of integrating technology into the classroom, and utilizing project-based learning to engage students’ critical thinking skills. At Van Nuys, he successfully spearheaded the implementation of the LAUSD Los Angeles Virtual Academy program as a solution for Algebra 1, and collaborated with UCLA AP Readiness Program in Computer Science. Nisbet received a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics at Queen Mary University, University of London in 1990. In 2009, Nisbet received a Master in Educational Administration at California State University Northridge.

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Michael Sepulveda
Vice President, Art & Experience Design

Michael Sepulveda, Vice President of Art & Experience (AxD), leads a team of graphic designers, illustrators and user experience specialists in building the rich interactive environment of MIND’s math education programs, including ST Math. Joining MIND Research Institute as a graphic artist intern while an undergraduate student at University of California, Irvine, Michael has grown his career alongside the then-start-up organization. Working closely with MIND co-founder Matthew Peterson, Ph.D., he helped establish the uniquely visual design structure of the award-winning Spatial Temporal (ST) Math animated software games. Upon graduating UC Irvine in 2002, Sepulveda joined MIND full-time, quickly assuming the lead design role for Generation 2 of the ST Math software. Generation 3 of ST Math featured his contributions to the newly released and first-ever in the industry 13-character visual password game that gives each child user their own unique password. Sepulveda’s role increasingly expanded to user experience, and in 2008 he was appointed Art Supervisor for ST Math. In 2013, he assumed the creative oversight for art and user experience design for the organization, including print, multimedia, video, web and merchandise.

Brett Woudenberg
Chief Operating Officer

Brett Woudenberg joined MIND Research Institute in 2016 as its Chief Operating Officer. He oversees core operations of the organization, including education partnerships, social impact development, outreach and engagement, program implementation, talent development, and finance. Previously, Brett served as COO of Sapling Learning and later the STEM Group at Macmillan Learning, a top publisher with products serving secondary and post-secondary education markets. He was also COO at national online learning platform provider Gaggle, and President and CEO at Trailblazer Learning, an online professional development solution for K-12 schools. In addition to a track record of reaching and exceeding revenue and expansion goals throughout his career, Woudenberg has extensive experience building and executing growth strategies for cloud-based learning environments and digital content products in the education marketplace. Brett holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Finance from Grand Valley State University’s Seidman School of Business, and an MBA from University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management.

Karin Wu
Vice President of Engagement

As Vice President of Engagement, Karin Wu is responsible for developing MIND’s marketing strategy and contributing to MIND’s organizational strategic planning process. Karin leads MIND’s activities to promote, enhance and protect the organization's brand reputation. She is also an ambassador for the organization, building relationships with the media, educational influencers and advocates, administrators, and philanthropic partners. Prior to joining MIND in 2015, Karin spent more than 20 years in leadership and marketing roles in a variety of sectors including education, videogames and nonprofits. She most recently served as Executive Director of Inspire Youth Project, a Seattle nonprofit that focused on social and emotional development of at-risk youth. Prior to that, she was the academic director and an instructor at The Art Institute of Seattle. Karin has also served in sales and marketing management roles at Educational Software Partners International, Riverdeep Interactive/Edmark and Nintendo. She holds a master’s of arts degree in education leadership from Argosy University, a bachelor’s of international business administration from St. Mary’s University, and an associate’s in applied arts from The Art Institute of Seattle. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.