Celebrating 20 Years of MIND

For two decades, MIND has inspired passionate people to join our mission. Hear our colleagues and partners reflect on where we’ve been as an organization and where we are headed.
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From Our Leadership

In 2018, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of MIND Research Institute. Looking back over the past two decades of our work to transform education, we were continually inspired by the passion and dedication of our colleagues, allies and our partners like you. Together, we have empowered so many young minds across the country. As we look ahead, we continue to build on the foundation of the past toward a future where all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

Thank you for being part of our past, our present and our future!


Brett Woudenberg
Chief Executive Officer 

MIND Research Institute


Matthew Peterson, Ph.D.
Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer
MIND Research Institute


Showcasing Our Mission and Our Partners

The newly redesigned mindresearch.org website was launched in May, and it is the embodiment of our values, our mission, and the power of our partnerships. The website provides a deeper look into our approach to transforming education, as well as the research and social impact efforts behind everything we do. It also showcases the people who drive MIND’s mission, and the partners and allies who are helping us empower more students across the country every day.

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Voices of MIND

We created a podcast and an educator perspective series to highlight the opinions of trusted sources who inspire people with innovative ideas in the fields of math, education and beyond. We also continued to expand our own thought leadership with several speaking engagements across the country.

February 2018 saw the launch of our flagship podcast, “Inside Our MIND”. In each episode, we take a look at issues and challenges facing education that we are working to address through research, technology and strategic initiatives.

Our April episode featured the CEO of Education Elements Anthony Kim, sharing his thoughts about how schools and districts must change from an organizational standpoint in order to have a truly successful personalized learning model.

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Pickerington teacher with students


In this new blog series, we interviewed teachers and administrators across the country who were engaging, motivating and challenging their students in unique ways.

"You need to have an educator driving that boat. If you have someone that has no educational background, you’re not going to create a technology plan for the school, you’re going to create a tech plan for a business."
-Brian Seymour Ingredients for Personalized Learning Success

"Change can always be a challenge at first... My teachers know that when we're going to approach something new, I never say it's going to be new. I say, how is this going to look? ...How can we use this tool to elevate what we're already doing to make us even more successful?"
-Wendy Kerr 
 Taking Math Culture to the Next Level

Lead Mathematician Brandon Smith, and Co-founder and Chief Research & Development Officer Matthew Peterson, Ph.D, spoke at the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) conference and expo in June.

Growing Future STEM Leaders with ST Math

Students in schools across 47 states continue to find success through the visual instructional approach of ST Math. Through our ongoing Profiles in Success series, we visit our partner schools to see the power of ST Math in action and hear from educators and administrators just how the program is changing the way their students learn.

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ST Math School Grants totaled
Through the continued support of our partners, more students than ever are now transforming their learning with ST Math.









ST Math Awards

It was an award-winning year for ST Math! Our visual instruction program was recognized for its ability to build a deep conceptual understanding of math, and for engaging students with game-based learning.


2018 Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution


2018 Math Solution


2018 Best Mathematics Instructional Solution

Nationwide Impact

This year, third-party independent research firm WestEd conducted a nationwide study of ST Math that was the largest of its kind to evaluate an edtech program. Researchers used an innovative method to normalize school performance across state lines, evaluating how a school ranked on their standardized math test performance within their state before and after adopting ST Math. The study found schools that consistently used ST Math outgrew similar schools by 14 percentile points in statewide ranking. 

Listen to "WestEd and Repeatable Results in EdTech Evaluation" on Spreaker.

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Educator Resources

Last year we launched the all-new ST Math website, and over the past twelve months we’ve added a tremendous collection of tools for educators, administrators and parents.

ST Math Central

A new learning hub for ST Math users! ST Math Central provides reports, self-guided online courses, professional development, online community support and other resources.

Resource Pages

A single place for multiple resources that comprehensively cover core topics in math education. This year, we addressed math rigor and personalized learning.

Parent Resources

A page that provides resources for parents to help their children with math, both in and outside of the ST Math program.

Building a Community of Problem Solvers

Through public-private partnerships, we brought the excitement of math to youth,
families and communities both in and out of the classroom.



Through public-private partnerships, we brought the excitement of math to youth, families and communities both in and out of the classroom. 



Reached in
the Community


Programs and Events



JiJi Culture

ST Math students love JiJi! Throughout the year, students showed us just how
deeply ST Math and “JiJi culture” were embedded in their schools.

Students Choose Math for Christmas

A yearly tradition of mine as Database Analytics Manager at MIND Research Institute is discovering how many students log into ST Math throughout Christmas day. These students are choosing to learn math—even when school is not in session. This year on Christmas day, 14,921 unique students logged in a total of 27,306 times.

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JiJi Day 2018

What's JiJi Day?

JiJi Day is a special day at the end of April, when students across the country celebrate math and engage in activities that promote growth mindset.

JiJi, the penguin mascot in ST Math, encourages students to persevere through challenges, to love learning, and experience the thrill of success.

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National K-12 Game-a-thon

Students thought critically and creatively to design their own math games in our annual K-12 Game-a-thon. When it came time to announce our winners, we called on community members to take part in the judging process.

“Happy to be a judge for MIND Research Institute's national K-12 Game-a-thon. It's a great example of an event that supports young game makers who are designing games that solve mathematical problems.”

2018 Game-a-thon Judge


Read more about this year’s K-12 Game-a-thon Hall of Fame »

Partnering for Greater Impact


Brazosport Independent School District serves students who speak over 20 languages and have a high mobility rate. When they were offered a grant for ST Math from Phillips 66, which employs many of the families in the area, Brazosport ISD embraced the opportunity. In just three years of implementation, the shift in math culture has been so profound that one campus went from being identified as at-risk by the state to earning the district's top 3rd grade math scores.

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In June, Cisco invited us to be part of their Global Problem Solvers Makerspace at the annual ISTE conference and expo.


"In education, we start with the end in mind. For Verizon, our end game is the kids."
- Michelle Joseph, Verizon Foundation

Verizon Innovative Learning provides free technology, free internet access, and hands-on learning experiences to help give under-resourced students the education they deserve. Their efforts to bring devices and effective educational content into classrooms have helped ensure that more of our partner schools are equipped to get the most out of our ST Math program.

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NewSchools logo - high res

In December, MIND was selected as a member of the Fall 2017 Ignite cohort at NewSchools Venture Fund. As part of this cohort, MIND delved into the student gameplay in grades Pre-K-1 of its visual instructional program, ST Math. The goal was to report insights for Pre-K-1 students that ST Math quizzes already provide in grades 2 and up.

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One8 Foundation and Mass STEM Hub partnered to develop an implementation plan and grant program to expand ST Math in Massachusetts. It enabled 54 schools to implement the program for 3 years, starting this school year.

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In April, PwC invited us to join them at the the 5th USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo in Washington D.C. Over 350K+ attendees celebrated science at the Expo and engaged in activities with some of the biggest names in STEM.

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Last fall, we experienced a season full of STEM events with Rockwell Automation. As we prepared for two Family Math Nights and the 2017 Automation Fair event, Rockwell Automation invited our CEO, Brett Woudenberg, to weigh in with his thoughts on the future of the STEM workforce.

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2017-2018 Financials

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FY 2018 Expenses


New Faces

This year, we added two new faces to our Leadership Team and Board of Directors.


Jo Garrett
Chief Financial Officer, MIND Research Institute
Jo is a seasoned financial executive 

who joined our organization in April.


Chuck Amos
Chief Executive Officer, GuideK12 
Chuck is a Minneapolis edtech leader 

who’s helping us to grow our mission.

Partner with Us

MIND’s had an incredible year of forwarding its mission. ST Math now reaches more students than ever before and we’re continuing to find ways to empower the next generation of problem solvers. Your support will help us to continue research and development, and to expand our reach to more students, teachers, schools and communities. 


Taste of Math

Personalized learning and evidence-based programs are now more important than ever.

Our product site showcases ST Math’s ability to create a unique pathway of interconnected

content to provide differentiated instruction for individual students, regardless of skill level.

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