Math empowers young minds for learning success.

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Blended Learning Curriculum

The Power of Neuroscience and Math Combined

Now you have the expertise of brain researchers and mathematicians on your side.
ST Math: Transitional Kindergarten offers a comprehensive math curriculum that meets the developmental and learning needs of your youngest students. Watch this preview:

Standards-Based Math Curriculum

Transitional kindergartners have unique learning needs. With ST Math, students receive the developmental growth opportunities called for in the Preschool Learning Foundations, as they prepare for the challenges of Kindergarten Common Core mathematics. Did you know transitional kindergarteners could start building the foundation for their future math success like this? Explore a math domain below.

Brain-Building Math Software

The ST Math: Transitional Kindergarten software component introduces core math concepts visually, using a neuroscience-based approach that activates the brain’s innate reasoning abilities. These animated math games lead young minds through an optimal cognitive learning path. Here's more about that:

Teacher-Guided Connections

Easy-to-follow teacher’s manuals include weekly plans that connect the math concepts introduced through the software across multiple modes of learning:

  • Language-based activities and singing
  • Kinesthetic tasks
  • Hands-on activities
  • Math activities for the whole family
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ST Math: Transitional Kindergarten is available as an add-on program
together with two or more grade levels of ST Math.

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