ST Math: The Leader
in Visual Math Education

To transform math education, a radically different approach is required. The ST Math® instructional software program is that approach. But ST Math isn't just unique because of its research-based, visual approach to teaching and learning math. It sets the industry standard for an effective, interactive and 1:1 blended learning solution. ST Math enables teachers to reach all students at their level, and provides students with the opportunity to be successful learners.


Visual to Symbolic

ST Math uses interactive, visual animation to convey math concepts and develop deep understanding. Initially, students encounter visual puzzles free of language or symbols, or rather, unnecessary distractions in first learning math concepts. Once the visual representation is mastered, language and symbols are gradually integrated into the puzzles.

1:1 Learning

Students progress through the software’s gently scaffolded games at their own pace, advancing to the next level only through mastering the previous level. The latest research in learning and motivation informs game design to build intrinsic motivation in students along with a thirst for challenge and life-long learning.
Read more about ST Math and the Learning Path.


ST Math strengthens students’ neural connections as they learn new concepts, immersing students in a richly interactive, hands-on learning experience.


The intuitive, language-free game play found in ST Math enables rapid start-up and immediate engagement for students regardless of math or language proficiency.

Instructive Feedback

For every puzzle solution posed by the student, ST Math animates the visual representations of math to provide immediate, instructive feedback. Whether or not the solution chosen by the student works or does not work, animation shows why it was correct or incorrect and provides informative feedback to students.

Common Core

ST Math was designed from the ground up to meet the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in both content and intent, ensuring that all students have access to powerfully learning opportunities organized for focus, coherence and rigor. Our design process embeds not only the content standards, but also the standards for mathematical practice throughout the curriculum. For more information about ST Math and the Common Core, download our informational brochure.

ST Math is also aligned to individual state standards.

Data-Driven Reports

A simple yet robust reporting system allows teachers to quickly identify student needs and differentiate instruction. Integrated classroom management tools enable real-time teacher and student interaction.

Play Anywhere

Teachers and students can access the web-based ST Math software anywhere, anytime, and on supported mobile devices. From desktop computer to tablet, classroom to home, ST Math featuring touch allows for seamless transition between time, location and hardware.

Professional Development

We are dedicated to providing school and district leadership and teachers with the tools, knowledge and information needed to maximize their success with ST Math. Educators using ST Math receive initial training to get up and running on the software and to learn the best practices of implementation. Ongoing professional development workshops are available and designed to deepen teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge for teaching math through the use of ST Math. Each school site receives ongoing technical and curricular assistance from an assigned MIND Education Consultant and educators have access to Technical Support.

Response to Intervention

ST Math provides an effective, research-based approach for both prevention (Tier 1) and intervention (Tiers 2 and 3). Blending individualized, 1:1 student learning in the uniquely accessible digital content with conventional teacher-facilitated classroom instruction, ST Math engages students at any level of math or language proficiency into a progression of math understanding. For more information about ST Math and RTI, download our informational brochure.