JiJi Believer 2016

Congratulations to all of the JiJi Believer Challenge participants!

2016 Top Entries

Grand Prize

“JiJi, You’re the One” By Northwest Elementary

Top Entries

“Believe It” By Westerly Elementary
“JiJi Believer- Is It Too Late to Pass the Level?!?” By Azalea Elementary
“At the JiJi Hop” By G.W. Childs Elementary School

JiJi’s Pick

JiJi Funk

What is a JiJi Believer?

JiJi Believers are part of a community centered around the spirit and meaning of JiJi, the penguin featured in the ST Math® games. JiJi can be seen as a guide, a friend or someone to help students persevere and overcome obstacles. This community celebrates ST Math and the empowering growth mindset students develop with JiJi by their side.


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The JiJi Believer Challenge is open to all currently licensed ST Math users. We want to hear about all your successes in the classroom and at home, while persevering and problem solving!

Watch the video that started it all!

The original JiJi Believer Music Video was created by MIND Research Institute to celebrate ST Math® and the success students have achieved with JiJi.

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