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There Is a Math Crisis in America

Less than half of students are proficient in math (twitter_orgClick to Tweet). And yet we know that students need a solid foundation in math to succeed in science, technology and engineering -- the STEM fields where job growth is outpacing others. To provide all students from all backgrounds the access to these careers, we need to reimagine math education in classrooms and in communities. The infographic below from MIND Research Institute highlights the need for this learning revolution.


Math Crisis Facts:

  • By 4th grade, underserved students perform more than 30% lower than their peers in math (twitter_orgClick to Tweet)
  • Worldwide, the United States ranks 36th in math proficiency (twitter_orgClick to Tweet)
  • Only 31% of STEM degrees and certifications are earned by women (twitter_orgClick to Tweet)

Through the game-based ST Math software program and the MathMINDs inititiaves for promoting math outside of the classroom, MIND Research Institute is leading the learning revolution,  reaching over 800,000 students across the USA to improve math scores and increase interest in math.


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 Click on the infographic below for an 11 x 17" printable version.

Math Education Infographic