2016 K-12 Game-a-thon

Looking for a fun and challenging activity for your students? Show off their math and problem-solving skills by participating in the 3rd annual National K-12 Game-a-thon challenge!

MIND Research Institute is sponsoring the National K-12 Game-a-thon to cultivate and showcase game designs featuring creative and unusual solutions to mathematical problems. Students will launch a life-long love of math as they apply the math they are learning to game-play.

Top 5 Games Announced: Hungry Alligators, Fraction Tag, Shape Shop, What’s X?, Math Mania (the Board Game)

Visit Hall of Fame to Watch Top 5 Videos

Honorable Mentions: Mermaid Frenzy, Super Geometry Genius, Math Around the World, BlackBelt Math-Sters

The 2017 K-12 Game-a-thon will begin January 1, 2017.

Empowering Students to Be Creative

The Game-a-thon challenges students to design, build and share a game that features creative and unusual solutions to mathematical problems. Teams of one or more students, along with a teacher or parent in a coordinator role, can invent card games, board games, apps, outdoor games or anything else that addresses a mathematical topic ranging from counting to irrational numbers to measurement to modeling.

For more information, contact us at gameathon@mindresearch.org.

Enter your game today! Just follow these steps.

Design & Build

Work with your student team to design and build a math game.

Download game design guidelines Download Starter Kit

Join the event on Facebook to share your ideas, progress, and finished games.

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Film & Upload

Film a video of the game with a description of how it works, the math concept(s) it explores, and then upload the video to YouTube.

Submit & Share

Submit the video link by completing the K-12 Game-a-thon submission form using the Submit Game Now button below. Help us foster creativity and inspiration by viewing other videos. Select games will be featured at the national Math Fair and the top 5 entries will be inducted into the Game-a-thon Hall of Fame!

This year’s challenge has concluded.
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Participants Recognition

All Teams

Each team member will receive a commemorative pin, certificate of participation and original JiJi artwork.

Top 5 Teams

JiJi Trophy, special recognition at Math Fair* and induction into the Game-a-thon Hall of Fame.

* See Game-a-thon guidelines for details

View previous entries here.

For more information, contact us at gameathon@mindresearch.org.

2016 Entries     2015 Entries     2014 Entries

Watch this year’s video entries below and celebrate the love of game-based learning and math.

Watch the 2015 entries to get inspired to create!

Watch the 2014 entries to get inspired to create!

For more information, contact us at gameathon@mindresearch.org.

Congratulations to our Game-a-thon Hall of Fame teams!

2016 Top 5 Game-a-thon Teams

Hungry Alligators by The Hungry Alligators

Fraction Tag by Fractioneers

Shape Shop by Shape Shifters

What’s X? by Team X

Math Mania by OAK Gamers

Honorable Mentions

Mermaid Frenzy by Explorers
Super Geometry Genius by Super Geometry Girl
Math Around the World by Team Vipers
BlackBelt Math-Sters by Math Champions

2015 Top 5 Game-a-thon Teams

The Polygon War

Fraction Bakery


Tangled Math

El Mundo de Fracciones

2014 Top 5 Game-a-thon Teams

Fraction Football by Fantastic Fraction Friends

Myths and Math by Team Griffin

No Fighting Game by Itchy Arm Pit

Math Quest by The Mathematical Beasts

The Math Odyssey by The Number Nauts

For more information, contact us at gameathon@mindresearch.org.

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