Life at MIND



Our mission is to ensure that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world's most challenging problems. To achieve this goal, we are changing the way math is taught in the United States. We believe every child has the potential to be a powerful learner and to acquire the problem-solving and math proficiency needed to compete in a knowledge-based economy.


When it comes to our benefits and perks, they are comparable to many large companies. That's why we offer more to JiJi's family! Our benefits are innovative, consistent with our culture, and help our colleagues achieve their personal and professional goals.

Working with JiJi Talent – our best Perk!

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Investing in Talent Growth
Open MINDs:

Participate in a designated or individual group project of your choice. Develop your skills or mentor a colleague.


Devote some work time volunteering for a charitable organization.


Every month we have formal and informal learning to support you in your job or just for fun.


Because we are growing, you can get involved beyond your traditional role.

Celebrating Our JiJi Talent
Holiday Parties:

If we can get a food theme around a major holiday, there will be a party!

JiJi Wins:

Milestones we achieve in reaching our mission are cause for celebration of our Talent who contribute to these accomplishments.

Family Events:

Family and children are welcome to come to JiJi’s house to celebrate, play and eat.

Cupcake Days:

We love treats so we regularly have cupcake days from a famous local cupcake shop.

Engaging JiJi Talent
Monthly and Quarterly CEO Updates:

Our informal monthly updates keep you in the know and our quarterly discussions ensures you stay involved.


We want you to be in the know so you can focus on contributing to our mission.


We like to share, collaborate and recognize our peers on Yammer, our internal social network. We have many professional and personal groups to join.

Creating a Work-friendly Environment
Flexible Hours:

You need to balance your professional and personal obligations so we encourage a work environment that has flexibility.

Casual Dress:

In the office we are gamers, innovators and creators, so casual dress is a must!

Innovative Workspace:

It’s obvious when you walk in the office. The open space, collaboration areas, high-tech communication tools and our outdoor work space are designed to promote collaboration and creativity. That's why we have wireless everywhere.

Investing in the Health of Our Talent

We offer medical, dental and vision insurance and pay for 80% or more of our Talent’s medical premiums.

Wellness Seminars:

Continuous learning sessions support healthy lifestyles.

Quarterly Activities/Challenges:

We hold regular activities and competitions based on exercise or nutrition.

Fitness Culture:

You will be surrounded by fitness enthusiasts who like to self-organize activities, such as a JiJi softball team and walking group.

Investing in the Well-being of Our Talent
Paid Time Off:

Starting at 15 days.


10 paid holidays plus 1 floating holiday.

401K Match:

We provide a discretionary match contribution of 50% of the amount of our Talent’s contribution, up to a maximum of 6% of base salary.

Life Insurance:

We pay 100% of the premium at two times your salary.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability:

Available in the event you are unable to work; we pay 100% of the premium.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance:

Available benefit and we pay 100% of the premium.